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The Hub came about after having a pint down the pub with a friend who was having issues in her business with a CMS she was using as the website kept getting hacked into as the widgets were always out of date and she had little interest updating it, she thought that she had paid the website company to do this but the company who she had paid to design the site didn’t have an interest in helping her.

We discussed a few solutions and she was happy with the ideas I had offered. I was also having time issues in my business with my accounts and bookkeeping as it was taking hours to do every day.

It turns out she was using Quickbooks and it saved her a lot of time. We had both exchanged ideas and helped each other. I then had the idea of a hub to bring directors and founders together and to discuss these issues with each other. The Director’s Hub was born.

Sonny Cutting – Hub Founder
Director, Sussex Business Show


The Director’s Hub started in 2019.

The Director’s Hub has been running for three years. Yet rather than being in the troublesome toddler stages, it’s now gearing up for expansion into Eastbourne and Worthing, bringing the tally to four.

The Brighton Hub opened its doors for the first time on June 15th 2022 and it was a great success with seven new members joining us for the hub meeting. The photo to the right was taken at Sonny’s offices at Freedom Works in Hove where each monthly meeting takes place. Eastbourne was next to follow with six members joining us at the Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce meeting rooms and more are on the way, Worthing is next and we already have four members requesting to join The Director’s Hub in early 2023.

Even though we’re a peer-to-peer support group, we invariably network with each other, as we’ve all become good friends in business and life in general. Would you like to join the Hub?

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"I've been a member of the Directors Hub for some three years. During that time, I've found it both an enjoyable and informative experience in the company of some quality individuals."

– Paul Dallibar, Gordian Solutions

Hub Members

Members are all based locally in the Mid Sussex region of this wonderful County. Our quota at the moment is 22 director’s who join us every month for peer to peer support at lunch and supper clubs.

Hub Directors

Running a business shouldn’t be hard work, but at the times it is, therefore it’s good to know you can access support and advice when you need it. The Director’s Hub brings entrepreneurs together.

Hub Friends

The Director’s Hub creates a community of businesses to collaboratively work through common business issues in a chatham house rules format to safeguard the businesses within the hub framework.

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