Case Study 1: Bobby Lambkin-Williams

The hub has grown to 42 directors and as such, we’re now at the stage of being able to not just get feedback and testimonials, but to also do case studies within the spectrum of the Sussex members community.

Case Study BobbyFirst up is Bobby Lambkin-Williams. 

1. Please introduce yourself and your role?
Hi, I’m Bobby Lambkin-Williams, the owner of Atomic Canyon.

2. Please give a brief background to what you do?
I’ve been running Atomic Canyon for a little while now and we’re an accountancy firm specialising in music industry clients. So we look after artists, music producers, record labels, and anyone in and around the music industry. We look after other creatives too, but music is our focus.

3. What’s so special about the Directors’ Hub?
My business started out as a sideline until October 2022 when I decided to take it full-time. Since then I’ve been really getting to grips with what it means to run your own business and I’ve found myself doing things I never thought I’d be doing as an accountant. Like managing my marketing, networking and building a sales pipeline. I do a fair amount of networking but the Director’s Hub is different because it’s not actually networking. It’s a support network for business owners like me, who are going through the same problems as I’m facing. Or who have been through the same things and can help the rest of the group by sharing their experiences and advice.

4. How has the hub impacted your business?
The Hub has helped me overcome some of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced at this stage of my business growth and the advice I’ve had from other Hub members has definitely saved me from making some common mistakes.

5. Based on your experience in the hub, would you recommend it to others?
If you’re a Sussex-based small-business owner, definitely.

6. What key takeaways help you in the hub?

7. What’s your best bit of advice for a sole director?
Do what you can to build a business network around you. Networking isn’t just about generating leads, it’s just as much about building a network of strategic partners and contacts so you can support each other.

Which hub are you part of?

10. The hub caters for lunch and evening hubs, which do you prefer?
Evenings. My lunchtimes are usually taken up with meetings and looking after clients.