Case Study 2: Robert Carpenter

The hub has grown to over 43 active directors since the last blog a few days ago, and as such, we can now deliver more very positive feedback which is coming in from the local member community.Robert Carpenter Case StudySecond up is Robert Carpenter.

1. Please introduce yourself and your role?

Robert Carpenter FCA FIoD CertCII FRSA, CEO & Founder of Management Inspirations Limited. I am also the Directors’ Hub Ambassador.

2. Please give a brief background to what you do?
I am a qualified Chartered Accountant. On qualifying I went to London to work for The Press Association and then for AMV.BBDO as Finance Director for a number of each of their group companies. In 2004 I established Management Inspirations Limited initially as a business consultancy, but for the past 12 years I have focused on professionally valuing and selling businesses across the UK.

3. What’s so special about the Directors’ Hub?
I joined the Directors’ Hub in Hurstpierpoint when it was the only hub and we had about 8 members. As it has grown, it has remained focused on being a peer-to-peer group, allowing members to discuss and resolve issues that only business leaders can understand. Running a business is hard enough, but having the support of like minded people is essential. It is never forgotten that as with life, business has to be fun as well as serious, and our meetings are the same.

4. What do people get out of the hub?
Members have the confidence to discuss anything and everything about their business without being judged, in a confidential forum, and with the probability that another member has had a similar problem and is able to provide a solution. Also, many members work on their own at home, and the Directors’ Hub gives them an opportunity to meet others in the same situation to discuss serious and lighthearted topics. As well as monthly meeting, many issues get discussed on Hub WhatsApp groups.

5. How many people are in the hubs in Sussex?
There must now be at least 40 members of the Directors’ Hub across the 7 hubs currently.

6. How do you know the founder, Sonny Cutting?
I have known Sonny for about 5 years (although it seems much longer!)