Merry Christmas 2023

Merry Christmas from The Directors’ Hub

On Thursday, the 14th December, the Directors Hub members met for its 2023 finale at Nostos Hove, a lovely Greek restaurant, to bring an end to the year with drinks, fun and networking. We had over half our members join for what turned out to be a jolly lovely event. Thank you to Nostos Hove for a lovely event. The atmosphere was ace.
Nostos Hove 2023


The afternoon was kicked off with everyone grabbing a beverage and mingling. Sonny, founder of the Directors Hub, announced the award winners – ranging from the ‘Oldest Member of the Hub’ to the ‘Founding members.’ with gifts for each.

Ridgeview Wine was also given to some of our longest standing members. Paul Dallibar of Gordian Solutions, Jayna Shah of JPS Wealth Management and Pippa Crouch of Global OHS who have all been members of the Hub for over five years.

The breadth and wisdom of such long standing members, brings a unique dimension to the Directors Hub, and if you’re considering membership, have a chat with us.

What’s said in the room?

Those who have ever been in a Directors Hub meeting know there is a catchphrase, meaningfully announced at the beginning of every event. This is at the heart of the community and is the foundation of trust within the room.

During the course of the Nostos Meal, Sonny announced expectantly.. “What’s said in the room….”. He was met with a resounding “stays in the room” from all the members. Sonny’s dance expressed his joy at the commitment of the group to the core thread of success of the Directors Hub.

Who said what?

During the course of the year, Sonny had listened out for the best quotes. These were quotes that made people think, started an in-depth conversation or made the room chuckle. The aim of this game was to see who else had been listening, by asking the members to recall who had said what!

The best 10 highlighted were:

  1. Turnover is vanity: profit is sanity & cash flow is reality – Neil Tomlinson
  2. No, is NOT never – Janet Webb
  3. I’d rather have a new starter with WILL than SKILL – Gary Salters
  4. The FISH rots from the head down – Jo Stuart
  5. Our door is always open, come on in and find the best version of you – Pippa Crouch
  6. Help yourself by helping others – Gary Smith
  7. Business is like tennis, it’s just back and forth with tasks – Adam Francis
  8. Rates and dates – Bruce Bignell
  9. Everyone can use a scalpel, but it does not mean you’re a surgeon – Simon Mahony
  10. Pay it forward to help others – Carol Whitney

Thanks to our Hub Leaders

Sonny also thanked the members who are stepping up in 2024 to become leaders for new hubs. Gary Smith as Haywards Heath Hub leader from January; Adam Francis as Crawley Hub leader from February; and Fay Millar for the new Lunch hub in Brighton from March.

Finally a questionable, but entertaining Chatbot GPT poem was read out, much to the entertainment of all. There were a lot of laughs, and a few of us got the minibus home, others hit the pubs and a few walked back to their homes in Hove and Brighton.

From all of us at The Director’s Hub, we raise our glasses to you, our incredible community.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Nostos

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