Festive Founders’ Club

What a year it has been for The Director’s Hub: Founders’ Support Club.

This year on the 14th of December, we all went to The Old Ship Hotel in Brighton for our annual end-of-year event, we were supposed to have 24 members attending, but due to illness and train strikes we had 17 attend, all in all, we still had a great time at the hotel. Next year in 2023 we’re at The Grand Hotel for a bigger directors’ event.

So many fantastic events crammed into one year. The Hub has grown from one hub to four in the space of three years and continues to grow. I’m humbled by the support of members joining as I know we offer an array of services within the event spectrum.

Now, however, Network Xpress which is the brand behind the Directors’ Hub is pushing the boundaries for what is possible for its business with the creation of this new Founders’ Support Club. Not only is Sonny running the Sussex Business Show, he is also creating support bubbles for local directors and start-ups across Sussex.

Here’s a few photos below of some of the members and the December group this year.
(From Left – Jayna: JPS Wealth Mgt, Jenny: CMDShiftR, Sabreen: Active Physio Clinics, Lyndsey: Connected Brighton and Michelle of West and Berry Accountants.)


Santa is asked for a special treat from Pippa at Global OHS….

Santa and Pippa

Paul from Gordian Solutions in Conversation….

Paul in Conversation

Sabreen from Active Physio Clinics chatting to Max from MCR Media

Sabreen in Conversation

The Directors’ Hub: Founders’ Support Club of 2022 – The Old Ship Hotel.

Festive Hub 2022