The Sweet Art of Gingerbread House Making

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Forget ‘Park Life’… Here’s ‘Hub Life.’

The Sweet Art of Gingerbread House Making:

Welcome to the magical journey into the world of gingerbread house making with our cake and gingerbread supremo, Fay Millar of Gingerbread World, and group leader of the Brighton, Directors’ Hub.

Today, The Directors Hub, hosted a delightful gingerbread house making event, and it was a lovely experience, hosted at our tech sponsors HQ, Biamp UK in Middle Street, Brighton, they are partnering us for the Sussex Business Show in September.

Fay also made a special gingerbread house for the team at biamp, and Andy received this on the day. The enchanting experience was filled with laughter, creativity, and the sweet scent of ginger and cinnamon in the air.

Thanks to Jayna Shah for supplying the music, and to our members for attending.

This was a social event and no business chatter as such, members included

is a peer to peer hub group of founders and directors with challenges they face in business on a day to day basis, and on ocassion for a few hours here and there, we like to have some fun, this month Gingerbread House making, June we will be in an ‘Escape Room’ and then ‘Ten Pin Bowling & Cinema.’ for August.

All in a day of ‘Hub Life’ eh Jayna Shah, Paul Dallibar, Aiden Dunning & Helena Jevons!

Gingerbread Houses


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