Hubbub Podcasts S2

A series of business podcasts opening up on the lives of directors local to Sussex with discussions about their businesses and personal lives.

Thanks to Fay Millar of Brighton Cakes for Co-Hosting the event with me.

Huge thank you to the following businesses:

Truly Fascinating business journeys, and a pleasure to interview the entrepreneurs.

Podcast 1 Gary SmithSimply Business Finance Limited

Podcast 1 Gary Smith – Simply Business Finance LimitedRSS FEED 

Podcast 2 Paul DallibarGordian Solutions

Podcast 2 Paul Dallibar - Gordian SolutionsRSS FEED

Podcast 3 Damien BurkeCustom Credit

Podcast 3 Damien Burke - Custom CreditRSS FEED

Podcast 4 Pippa CrouchGlobal OHS – Always the Joker! 🙂

Podcast 4 Pippa Crouch - Global OHSRSS FEED

Podcast 5 Neil TomlinsonAquapax

Podcast 5 Neil 💧 Tomlinson - Aquapax

Thank you to Martin Leppard and H2 Productions for producing and putting the new episodes together.

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If you like these podcasts you can also view Series 1 on this link.

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