Hubbub Season 4

A series of business podcasts opening up on the lives of directors local to Sussex with discussions about their businesses and personal lives.

Thanks to Fay Millar of Gingerbread World for Co-Hosting the event with me.

Huge thank you to the following businesses:

Truly Fascinating business journeys, and a pleasure to interview the entrepreneurs.


Podcast 1: Dan Ford – Storyscreen
Topic: How has video production changed in the past 5 years?
PODCAST EPISODE – TO FOLLOW (Sonny messed up the episode, sorry.)

Sonny, Dan and Fay


Podcast 2: Vicki Nicol – Victoria Healthcare Management
Topic: What are the emerging challenges of healthcare Management today?
Sonny, Vicki and Fay


Podcast 3: Bobby Lambkin-Williams – Atomic Canyon
Topic: Should every business use Cloud Accounting for their brand?
Sonny, bobby and Fay


Podcast 4: Karl Elwood – Elwood Wines
Topic: As a wine expert, what is something you would like more people to know?
Sonny, Karl and Fay


Podcast 5: Mike Murphy – Solar Dynamics
Topic: How long has the Solar panel industry been established in the UK?
Sonny, Mike and Fay


Podcast 6: Andrew Abaza – Five Focus
Topic: Mediation vs. Arbitration vs. Litigation: What’s the Difference?
Sonny, Andrew and Fay

Thank you to Martin Leppard and H2 Productions for producing and putting the new episodes.

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